A beautiful walk along the coastline from Queensbay Mall

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Jun 11

Most folks drive down to the Queensbay Mall area to shop or to enjoy the seafood restaurants in the evening.  Judging by the lack of people we saw, very few people do what we did yesterday in Queensbay.

Despite the ubiquitous property development and land reclamation going on in the area, it's still nice to walk out of the Mall and head for the shoreline.

There is a shared bicycle / walking track, accessible from the back of the carpark opposite Queensbay Mall. You can wander south along the front toward the second bridge but this track only goes about 500 metres - at time of writing ( it will be extended and hopefully continue down to the bridge ).

Queensbay Mall walking trail

Looking south toward the Second Bridge along the front from Queensbay Mall

If you're just looking for a short ( 10 minute ) stroll, it's fine but for others it's hardly enough time to get into stride before it ends at a busy road.

A better alternative is to head north along the coastal track toward the First Bridge.

Follow the path in front of the condos until the track curves right and winds down through a small collection of fishing huts and boat moorings. As we passed through the area we watched a couple of fisherman filleting fish and tossing the off cuts over to two lucky cats.

Fishing stall Queensbay penang

Filleting fish at a small stall on the Queensbay coastal track

After passing through the small fishing village there are a collection of seafood restaurants that are all but deserted during the day. At night the area comes alive with local diners.

Seafood near Queensbay Penang

Seafood restaurant on the water's edge

After passing the restaurants, the scenery quickly changes again as the track now feeds into a well vegetated park. Along the trail is a monument to bicycles and a couple of Dato Kong shrines ( see photos below ).

Dato Kong Penang

Old Dato Kong

Dato Kong Penang

More Modern Dato Kong Shrine

The trail now leads around to the left with views across the water toward the First Bridge.

Penang Bridge

View of the First Bridge

Follow the track up the rise toward the main road. There is a small block of Condos on your left and a river mouth on your right. From the main road, cross the bridge and continue walking north until you see the Jerejak Jetty & Office building.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post, Jerejak has been closed to the public. The Resort was deemed unprofitable and the historic Island's future is uncertain. If Penang's ruthless Developers and gung ho Government have their way, then this beautiful tropical paradise will soon be covered in glass and concrete. The people with money and/or power, seem to have no conscience and no sense of aesthetic beauty. The fate of Jerejak will be a metaphor for the potential these evil souls have for completely buggering up Penang. They call it progress.

Jerejak Island Penang

Beautiful Jerejak Island

Beyond the jetty is a long stretch of coastline track that hugs the edge of the road. It passes several more seafood restaurants as it heads north and the adjacent road becomes less busy. When the road reaches a gated community dead end, the walking track continues on toward the First Bridge.

Seafood Penang

The track continues on passed more seafood restaurants

If you turn back at D'Residence, then the walk 'from and back' to Queensbay will take about an hour. You can of course continue on in the direction of the Bridge for as long as you like.

If you are coming from George Town using public transport, then catch the 307, 308 or 401E bus from under Komtar and tell the driver that you want to go to Queensbay Mall.

If you're thinking about browsing the shops at Queensbay while you're down there, then remember that The Mall doesn't really open properly until around 10.30 - 11.00 am.

Below is a map of the area showing the short walk south from the back of the open car-park and the longer walk north. I'm sure there are more spectacular coastal walks but for variety, pretty views and a surprisingly dramatic contrast from the retail mayhem so close by, it's a very enjoyable diversion.

Queensbay map penang

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