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Boardwalk through Mangrove Forest, Kuala Sepetang
Jun 23

Magical Mystery Mangrove Tour

Rural Escape

Gathered from the foyer of the G-Hotel on Gurney Drive by Michelle at 1.50 pm, we joined fellow travellers on the 40 seater bus bound for Taiping.Like most coaches used in Malaysia, it was modern, comfortable and heavily carpeted. The seats, walls, ceiling, everywhere except the floor, is covered in a lush, blue layer of […]

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Tanjung Bungah Penang
Jun 13

Walk with Gusto

Urban Escape

If the combination of a half day excursion out of George Town, good coffee, nice food, a health food shop, a pleasant suburban walk with views of jungle-clad hills, an excellent bakery with sourdough bread, tropical fruit stalls and the chance to experience another aspect of Penang Island appeals, then how about this for an […]

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Queensbay Penang
Jun 11

Queensbay Walkway

Rural Escape

Most folks drive down to the Queensbay Mall area to shop or to enjoy the seafood restaurants in the evening.  Judging by the lack of people we saw, very few people do what we did yesterday in Queensbay.Despite the ubiquitous property development and land reclamation going on in the area, it’s still nice to walk […]

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Green Acres Penang
Jun 07

Green Acres is the place to be

Rural Escape

If you’re over 50 and were a child victim of American television like me, then you may recall a sitcom called Green Acres. The catchy theme song still rattles in my head  –  Green Acres is the place to be.  Green Acres is for you and me ….Penang has it’s own Green Acres and it’s […]

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Penang Durian
Jun 05

Is Penang Durian Better Than Sex ?

Opinion Piece

Is eating Penang Durian better than sex ?The short answer is Yes – but here’s the slightly longer answer,I lost my virginity to a rather unpleasant smelling, prickly character way back in 1998. It was a less than memorable first encounter with the ‘King of fruit’ and left me in no doubt as to my […]

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Bukit Zi Zai Penang
Jun 04

Go Take a Hike

Rural Escape

George Town, for all its charms, is a world of concrete. There are very few parks or open spaces. With that in mind, it’s great therapy to spend at least one day a month away from the crowds and surrounded by nature. The locals flock to the Botanic Gardens or go up Penang Hill but […]

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The Great Wall of Penang
Jun 02

The Great Wall in Penang

Urban Escape

If you’re up for a taste of virtual reality, enjoy good coffee and need some respite from the greasy street food of George Town, then here’s an easy, short journey out of town to invigorate the senses.Also, if you’re planning to visit the Reclining Buddha while you’re in Penang, then here’s your chance to combine […]

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